Key Dates

November 1992William Jefferson Clinton elected President of the United States
May 1994Paula Jones files lawsuit against President Clinton
July 1995Monica S. Lewinsky begins White House internship
November 15, 1995President begins sexual relationship with Lewinsky
April 5, 1996Lewinsky transferred from White House to Pentagon
November 1996President Clinton reelected
March 29, 1997Last intimate contact between President and Monica Lewinsky
December 5, 1997Lewinsky appears on Jones Witness List 
December 19, 1997Lewinsky served with subpoena to appear at deposition and produce gifts from President Clinton
December 24, 1998Lewinsky's last day of work at the Pentagon
December 28, 1997Lewinsky meets with the President and receives gifts; later gives box of gifts from the President to Betty Currie.
January 7, 1998Lewinsky signs affidavit intended for filing in Jones case.
January 13, 1998Lewinsky accepts job offer at Revlon in New York
January 16, 1998Special Division appoints Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr to investigate Lewinsky matter
January 17, 1998President deposed in Jones case
January 18, 1998President meets with Betty Currie to discuss President's deposition
January 21, 1998Lewinsky matter reported in press; President denies allegations of a sexual relationship and of suborning perjury
April 1, 1998Judge Wright grants summary judgment for President Clinton in the Jones litigation
July 17, 1998President served with grand jury subpoena, later withdrawn in return for testimony
July 28, 1998Immunity/Cooperation Agreement reached between Lewinsky and OIC
August 17, 1998President testifies before the grand jury; later he publicly acknowledges improper relationship
September 9, 1998OIC submits Referral to Congress pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 595(c)