Church Places High Priority on Education

Latter-day Saints value education highly. Most Church members around the world enroll in state or government schools along with their peers outside the faith to receive a secular education.
In addition, the Church Educational System (CES) operates in the United States and in more than one hundred other countries and territories to provide religious instruction for high school and college-age students. These programs are designed to fortify students in their religious faith, help them deal with the moral challenges of life, and still maintain their involvement in secular education.
The Church operates several universities and colleges: Brigham Young University, the largest private university in the United States, with its main campus in Provo, Utah and another campus in Laie, Hawaii; the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies in Israel; Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho; and LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The Church also operates elementary or secondary schools in Mexico; Kiribati, New Zealand; Tonga; Western Samoa; and Fiji.
Many thousands of individuals are involved in additional adult continuing education programs sponsored by Brigham Young University and the Church Educational System.

Enrollment in Church Educational Programs (January 2000)
Countries and Territories144
Seminaries (secondary school level)377,436
Institutes (college level)265,272
Colleges and universities (U.S. and Canada) served by institute program1,407

Enrollment at Church-owned Colleges and Universities (January 2000)
Brigham Young University (Utah)29,919
Brigham Young University, Hawaii2,281
Brigham Young University, Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies172
LDS Business College799
Ricks College8,628
Other Church schools8,707

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© 2000 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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