1996 - New York Yankees (4) vs. Atlanta Braves (2)
Game Date Winning Team Losing Team
1 Oct. 20 Atlanta (Smoltz) 12 NEW YORK (Pettitte) 1
2 Oct. 21 Atlanta (Maddux) 4 NEW YORK (Key) 0
3 Oct. 22 New York (Cone) 5 ATLANTA (Glavine) 2
4 Oct. 23 New York (Lloyd) 8 ATLANTA (Avery) 6
5 Oct. 24 New York (Pettitte) 1 ATLANTA (Smoltz) 0
6 Oct. 26 NEW YORK (Key) 3 Atlanta (Maddux) 2
10 innings (Night Games: All)
Managers - Joe Torre, Yankees; Bobby Cox, Braves
NOTES: New York won its first World Series since 1978 and became the third team to lose the first two games at home and go on to capture the crown...Nineteen-year-old Andruw Jones became the second player to homer in his first two World Series at bats in Game One...The Yankees overcame a 6-0 deficit in the sixth inning of Game Four to win the game, 8-6 in 10 innings...Jim Leyritz provided one of the most heroic moments with a three-run, game-tying homer off Mark Wohlers in the eighth inning of Game Four...The Yankees finished the post-season with an 8-0 record on the road...Series MVP John Wetteland set a Fall Classic record with four saves.
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