Winning Team
Losing Team
1 Oct. 18 FLORIDA (Hernandez) 7 Cleveland (Hershiser) 4
2 Oct. 19 Cleveland (Ogea) 6 FLORIDA (Brown) 1
3 Oct. 21 Florida (Cook) 14 CLEVELAND (Plunk) 11
4 Oct. 22 CLEVELAND (Wright) 10 Florida (Saunders) 3
5 Oct. 23 Florida (Hernandez) 8 CLEVELAND (Hershiser) 7
6 Oct. 25 Cleveland (Ogea) 4 FLORIDA (Brown) 1
7 Oct. 26 FLORIDA (Powell) 3 Cleveland (Nagy) 2
11 innings (Night Games: All)
Managers - Jim Leyland, Marlins; Mike Hargrove, Indians
NOTES: The Florida Marlins won their first World Series in their fifth season, which is the fastest for any expansion team in history...This was the first World Series to go the full seven games since 1991...Series MVP Livan Hernandez was 2-0 after being named the MVP of the NLCS...The Marlins won the Series when Edgar Renteria singled home the winning run in the bottom of the eleventh inning...The Indians, who were making their second World Series appearance in the last three years, were two outs away from the title in the bottom of the ninth before rookie Craig Counsell tied the game with a sacrifice fly.

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