October 04, 2001

Chancellor Schröder reaffirms German readiness to provide military support

Speaking on October 1 at a conference of the Construction, Agricultural, and Environmental Workers Union ("IG Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt"), Chancellor Gerhard Schröder reaffirmed Germany's readiness to provide military support to NATO and the United States in the fight against international terrorism. He said he had consciously spoken of Germany's "unrestricted solidarity" in his policy statement to the Bundestag, thus not ruling out a military role for Germany.

No buying of indulgences

"There will be absolutely no qualification of this position. Germany is not going to be involved in buying indulgences. We will do what is necessary, historically necessary and conscionable", Schröder noted. "Our partners can rely on that." In saying this Schröder counteracted speculation that the German government would provide only financial support in the fight against international terrorism and avoid getting involved militarily.
Schröder reaffirmed this stance after a meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair on the sidelines of the Labour Party Conference in Brighton. Speculation to this effect had been published in the weekend editions of British newspapers.

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