Materialien zur Landeskunde

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The land
  1. Westward Expansion – Map
  2. Geography
  3. Tourist Attractions
  1. Magna Carta
  2. Collections concerning the church or congregation of Protestant separatists formed at Scrooby in north Nottinghamshire in the time of King James I : the founders of New-Plymouth, the parent-colony of New-England
  3. The Mayflower Compact (1620)
  4. Chronicles of the first planters of the colony of Massachusetts Bay from 1623 to 1636 (now first collected from original records and contemporaneous manuscripts, and illustrated with notes)
  5. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639)
  6. Sketches of the judicial history of Massachusetts from 1630 to the revolution in 1775
  7. Albany Plain of Union (1754)
  8. The Northwest Ordinance (1787)
  9. James Madison, The Federalist No. 10 (1787)
  10. The Judiciary Act of 1789
  11. The American Frontier
  12. John L. O'Sullivan on "Manifest Destiny", 1839
  13. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance (1841)
  14. Seneca Falls Declaration (1848)
  15. Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address (1863)
  16. Henry David Thoreau, Walden Pond, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience
  17. Noteworthy Speeches
the people
  1. Statistical Data (1990-1999)
  2. Minorities
  3. the American way of life
  4. the "American dream"
  5. Immigration
  6. The Women's Movement
  7. Streetgangs
government and politics
  1. State Papers
  2. The Pledge of Allegiance
  3. The Flag
  4. The National Anthem ("Star-Spangled Banner" — Text)
  5. The Rights and Freedoms of Americans
  6. Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience (1846)
  7. The Monroe Doctrine
  8. Governmental Bodies – Linkliste
  9. The Structure of US Government — (graphische Darstellung)
  10. Foreign and Domestic Affairs
  11. Political Parties
  12. The Legal System
  13. John F. Kennedy
  14. William Jefferson Clinton
  15. George Walker Bush
  16. Barack Hussein Obama
  17. The Watergate Affair
  18. Terrorist Act against the USA (11.09.2001)
  19. Elections
the economystructure, trade unions, social security, recent developments and prospects
the educational system
the mass mediathe press, radio and television
  1. TV und Politik
church and religion
  1. Puritans etc. and their influence, sects and denominations
  2. Thanksgiving
leisure, recreation and private lifesports, amateurism, activities
landscape and buildingurbanisation, man and nature
the languagehistory, trends
cultural activities
  1. Film
  2. Music
  3. Literature
  4. Theatre
  5. Painting
  6. Architecture
  7. Philosophy



The land
  1. Geography
Government and Institutions
Government and Politics
  1. The Structure of Canadian Government



The land
  1. Geography
Government and Institutions
  1. Glossary of political terms
  2. Linkliste
Government and Politics
  1. The Australian Constitution
  2. Media Releases by the Government
  1. Timeline
  2. James Cook
  3. The Convict Past
Cultural Activities
  1. Music


Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Eire

The land
  1. Geography
Government and Institutions
  1. Linkliste
  1. History of the IRA (Irish Republican Party)
  2. Brief History of the House of Commons (acrobat 19 k)
  3. The Queen's Speech
  4. Noteworthy British and Irish Speeches
  5. Speeches by the Prime Minister
  6. Iraq
The Royal Family
  1. The Royal Channel–hosted by YouTube
  2. R-JH - Sophie speaks out (08.04.2001)
The Educational SystemBritish School System


South Africa

PoliticsSouth Africa - Index


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